Einspritzventile 1500cm³/min


High End Performance Einspritzventile von BOSCH mit speziellen Adaptern für den Nissan GT-R.

Ausgelegt für eine Motorleistung von ca. 1200PS. 

Set besteht aus 6Stk. selektierten Einspritzventilen inkl. Edelstahl Adapter. Wahlweise mit Kabelsatz. 


Grunddaten der Einspritzventile:


Nominaler Durchfluss: 1462cm³/min

Betriebsdruck: 3bar

Betriebsspannung: 14V

Verzögerungszeit: 0,94ms *

Max. Betriebsdruck: 8bar

Zulässige Betriebsspannung: 10V ... 16V

Widerstand: 8,5Ω

Spritzwinkel: ca 30°

Stecker: Jetronic

Kraftstoff: Benzin, Ethanol (E85), Methanol**


*  Verzögerungszeit bei 3bar und 14V.

** Bei Betrieb mit Methanol muss nach dem Gebrauch eine gründliche Spülung mit Benzin erfolgen.

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Fuel System Upgrade Dual Walbro 485l/h


Billet Factory Fuel System upgrade solves a long time problem that has plagued GTR owners that choose to run Ethanol or want to service their fuel system. Never before could you guarantee that your upgraded fuel pumps and orings were seated correctly in the filter housing. Never before were you able to service your fuel filter without hacking up your factory basket or purchasing expensive fuel system upgrades.


485 basket upgrade is designed for a GTR with upgraded turbos running ethanol. (450-1000WHP)

  • Including Walbro 485 pumps
  • E85 Compatible 10 Micron Filter
  • Perfect for street, road race & drag race applications
  • Fully enclosed and always submerged in fuel
  • CNC Aluminum , E85 submersible hose.
  • Uses OEM Fuel Hanger & integrates seamlessly with the siphon system
  • Plug and Play In-Tank Pump Harness
  • Plug and play installation
  • Hardwire kit not included

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  • 5 kg
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Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit


This PNP Kit bypasses the factory voltage limitations on stock wiring by direct wiring fuel pumps to battery. It'll increase power output from 12V to battery voltage (14V+). With direct battery voltage your are now able to maximize the pumps flow, allowing for more head room on cars with injectors that are maxing out.


A not so well known issue with hard wiring upgraded fuel pumps is it can overrun your fuel pressure regulator at idle, causing your fuel pressure slowly to rise when it shouldn't. This kit solves that problem because it still allows the fuel pump controller to switch the primary pump from low, medium and high speed.

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Deatschwerks DW300c In-Tank Fuel Pump

  • Flow rate of 340LPH (40psi, 13.5v)
  • Same compact fitment as the popular DW65c
  • Drop-in fitment for Subaru WRX, GTR, Evo X, BRZ/FRS and more
  • Carbon commutator for increased brush life
  • E85 compatible

177,60 €

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Visconti flex fuel kit


The kit utilizes a Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer and super slim GM Ethanol Content Sensor.
The Ethanol Content sensor mounts on the firewall and is connected to your fuel system by two black stainless PTFE fuel lines.
A CNC Billet Fuel Line adapter attaches to the back of your fuel rail by two 10mm bolts.
Everything plugs directly into the secondary air pump plug which is located next to the battery.


With this kit you are able to:


  • Change Cold Start Cranking Compensation based on ethanol Content
  • Change Maximum Target Boost based on ethanol content.
  • Change Ignition timing based on ethanol Content
  • Change target A/F based on ethanol Content
  • Change Cam Timing based on ethanol Content
  • Change Fuel Economy Gauge reading based on ethanol content.

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T1R Fuel Rail Kit


Fuel Rail Set - Black - 16mm bore 8AN in/out. Includes fuel crossover tube and AN/ORB rail adaptors

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