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Turbosmart blow off Ventil OEM Style
  blow off Ventil für den direkten Austausch des Serienventils. Der Überdruck wird direkt ins Saugrohr geleitet, das Ventil  funktioniert also genau so leise wie das Serienventil. ___________________________________________________ ... (mehr lesen)
158,00 € 2
  Dichtungssatz für Ölkanäle im Stirndeckel __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Gasket set for the oil chennels in the front cover ... (mehr lesen)
25,00 € 2
T1R Fuel Rail Kit
  Fuel Rail Set - Black - 16mm bore 8AN in/out. Includes fuel crossover tube and AN/ORB rail adaptors
670,00 € 2
Fuel Pump Hardwire Kit
  This PNP Kit bypasses the factory voltage limitations on stock wiring by direct wiring fuel pumps to battery. It'll increase power output from 12V to battery voltage (14V+). With direct battery voltage your are now able to maximize ... (mehr lesen)
470,00 € 2
WILLALL isometric Transmission mounts
  Solving the problem of front transmission mount stress and failure is the totally re-engineered WR35GM GR6 Transmission mount. Crafted from high quality steel with special high density polymer internals WR35GM delivers stress free o ... (mehr lesen)
960,00 € 2
  High performance & super lightweight design. Full Titanium Main pipe dia 102mm 15,85kg weight reduction compared to stock excelent Quality ... (mehr lesen)
3.780,00 € 2
HKS GT1000 Turbo Kit
  HKS Turbo Kit für eine Leistung bis zu 1000PS.   Das Kit beinhaltet:   zwei GT II 7867 Turbolader Temperaturbeständiger Guß-Abgaskrümmer HKS GT II 50mm wastegates SUS 304 front p ... (mehr lesen)
12.787,00 € 2
HKS Kolben und Pleuel Set - geschmiedet
  Dieses SET beinhaltet geschmiedete Kolben und Pleuel entwickelt für Motoren mit Leistungssteigerung.   Eigenschaften: Geschmiedete Kolben und Pleuel für Standard Bohrung. Ventilfreistellungen sind 1mm tief ... (mehr lesen)
3.600,00 € 2
HKS DCT Cooler Kit
  From the street to race circuits, the HKS DCT Cooler Kit for the GT-R has been developed to provide firm and positive shift engagement while assisting in the prevention of overheating the clutch and transmission. By stabilizing and ... (mehr lesen)
2.250,00 € 2
Mobil 1 Peak Life 5W-50 engine oil - 4l
  Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil
39,00 € 2
Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140 - 1l
  Fully synthetic axle oil. API GL-5 MB-Approval 235.61 ZF TE-ML 05D, 12D, 16G, 21D BMW LS Rear Axles Recommended for Nissan GTR limited slip ... (mehr lesen)
16,00 € 2
Visconti flex fuel kit
  The kit utilizes a Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyzer and super slim GM Ethanol Content Sensor. The Ethanol Content sensor mounts on the firewall and is connected to your fuel system by two black stainless PTFE fuel lines. A CNC ... (mehr lesen)
880,00 € 2
Deatschwerks DW300c In-Tank Fuel Pump
Flow rate of 340LPH (40psi, 13.5v) Same compact fitment as the popular DW65c Drop-in fitment for Subaru WRX, GTR, Evo X, BRZ/FRS and more Carbon commutator for increased brush life E85 compatible ... (mehr lesen)
148,00 € 2
Abdeckplatte Ansaugkrümmer
  zum Abdecken der Ansaugkanäle bei Arbeiten am Motor __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Intake block off plate ... (mehr lesen)
15,00 € 2
Abdeckplatte Sekundärluftsystem
  Abdeckplatte zum Deaktivieren des Sekundärluftsystems __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Secondary air / EGR block off plate ... (mehr lesen)
15,00 € 2
Einspritzventile 1500cm³/min
  High End Performance Einspritzventile von BOSCH mit speziellen Adaptern für den Nissan GT-R. Ausgelegt für eine Motorleistung von ca. 1200PS.  Set besteht aus 6Stk. selektierten Einspritzventilen inkl. Edelstahl Adapter. W ... (mehr lesen)
ab 900,00 € 2
Fuel System Upgrade Dual Walbro 485l/h
  Billet Factory Fuel System upgrade solves a long time problem that has plagued GTR owners that choose to run Ethanol or want to service their fuel system. Never before could you guarantee that your upgraded fuel pumps and orings wer ... (mehr lesen)
1.310,00 € 2
HKS Superior Spec R Exhaust Titanium
  High Performance is the concept of this full Titanium Muffler. The durable full titanium exhaust system is lightweight and it weighs 10kg lighter than the stock exhaust system. As rpm goes up, the high sound will be like racing soun ... (mehr lesen)
5.472,00 € 2
RaceMe Engineering Intercooler RACE
  This intercooler is built for high performance GTRs (1000HP and above). It features a large, high quality bar&plate core and CNC bent end tanks. Every unit is hand built and pressure tested to quarantee our high quality standards. ... (mehr lesen)
2.420,00 € 2