• 4,14 l stroker engine
  • billet crankshaft  
  • CNC ported heads
  • Sleeved big bore engine block
  • Turbo upgrade (front mount)
  •  custom brushless fuel system
  • 102mm titanium exhaust
  • stage 5 transmission upgrade

Engine rebuild has started.

Brand new, shiny engine parts all waiting to be assembled...

Working on the fuel system. We are using dual brushless pumps, each of them capable for 1800HP. To keep the temps down they are speed controlled by a digital puel pressure regulator. The pumps are sitting in a custom surge tank to avoid any fuel supply issues during high G-forces. The whole package fits into the OEM battery tray.

Custom intercooler fabrication. We are using a very large core to keep the charge air temps down. When we designed the end tanks we were focusing on smooth geometries to reduce pressure losses to a minimum. 

Pick up and dissassembling of engine and transmission